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WHFT #82 (Kyle loves Polynesian sauce)

My brother-in-law joins Bombs and I for a fun filled celebratory podcast we recorded on my birthday weekend. Topics include the fastest man in football, ill fated NASA yard sales, and Polynesian sauce. This episode is brought to you by the American Glue Sniffer's Union.





WHFT #83 (the ins & outs of the Patagonian Toothfish)

Episode #83 of the Wicked Happy Fun Time Podcast explores the ins and outs of the Patagonian Toothfish, institutionalized lettuce guilt, and the many reasons there will never be an episode #82.




WHFT #81 (hangover free alcohol & virtual reality massage)

In this episode we raise alarms over "hangover free" alcohol, visualize virtual reality massage, and come up with an idea for an amazing new charity that we could really stick up for.



WHFT #80 (lip balm anonymous & coconut meat secrets)

Lip Balm Anonymous. Coconut meat secrets. L.A.'s most famous bank robbers. BTW - we missed (& xoxoxox u guys).



WHFT #79 (healthy boogers, toilet pythons, & Texas)

This week is all about healthy boogers, toilet pythons, & Texas.


WHFT #78 (the Kardashians ruin New Year’s Eve & some gimp etiquette)

Our friend Matt Beals stops by to discuss the most interesting news items of the day, such as the Kardashians Ruining New Year's Eve & what to buy gimps at the grocery store.  --


WHFT #77 (yoga w/ Tim Tebow, fat Barbie, & fossilized spider boners)

Episode #77 is hands down our best episode since episode #76. Bombs does Yoga w/ Tim Tebow (for reals), Mattel's got a new "Fat Barbie" doll, and we touch on 99 million year old spider boners (also for reals). | |




WHFT #76 (Back to the Future quiz & PH balance strip challenge)

Bombs takes a "Back to the Future" pop quiz, loses his girl, & challenges The Cheese in a PH balance strip contest. Also, coked up 80's ghosts.  |  |



WHFT #75 (Da rap game & a secret YouTube campus)

In episode 75 we play the “Distinguished Gentleman Rap Game”. Plus The Cheese gets busted taking pictures at a secret YouTube studio.  |  |

WHFT #74 (The Cheese’s new “High on Love” pot fueled blind date show)

Bombs appears on The Cheese's new cannabis-fueled blind date show "Dating Baked", it's confirmed that Shakespeare did indeed love Mary Jane, and for some reason we develop a strong desire to get invited to the Neverland Ranch for some Jesus juice. Weed love to say more but recommend you spark a J and let your ears do the rest. This episode might go well with a nice Sativa, perhaps "Turbo Diesel" or "Strawberry Cough".  |  |